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me1431.   engraving/city view/Hungary/countryside   put into the basket

Meisner, Daniel (Meissner): Villec in Ungarn. (Fülek, Filakovo).

Nürnberg. 1678. copper engraving.
size: 7x14 cm.
page: 15x19 cm.
in green paspartu. clean, sharp issue. intact margin.

price: 82.35 EURO

Nebehay-Wagner /400. Meissner.
Meisner, Daniel (Meissner): Villec in Ungarn. (Fülek, Filakovo)

te1072.   map/Russia   put into the basket

Robert De Vaugondy: SIBERIA, KAMCHATKA ,Russia.

Paris. 1797. hand colored copper engraving.
size: 45x59 cm.
page: 56x76 cm.
minimaly stained outside the picture.

price: 176.47 EURO

This is a nice coloured, grand copper engraving map of Robert de Vaugondy. This map shows Siberia, the Kamchatka Peninsula as well as the adjacent areas. The map is decorated with a very decorative t...
Robert De Vaugondy: SIBERIA, KAMCHATKA ,Russia

ko15639.   book/history/Hungarian/general history   put into the basket

HORVÁTH NIHÁLY: Kisebb történelmi munkái.

Pes. 1868. Ráth Mór. cloth binding. Hungarian language.
size: 22x15 cm. shabby.

price: 176.47 EURO

474, 523, 491, 482 p.
HORVÁTH NIHÁLY: Kisebb történelmi munkái
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